What is Facial Cosmetic Surgery?

No wonder most people are unsure of what treatment they should choose. You should research the cosmetic surgeons you want to consult with as well as the procedures you plan on undergoing. Most potential facelift patients think that the person who undergoes a procedure must appear stretched out or too tight. Article source!

This is far from being the case. It is important that a good facelift not be obvious to other people. It is not done properly if a complete stranger knows you have had facial surgery. When they encounter someone who looks younger than their actual age, this is likely the result of a successful facial plastic procedure.

Many approaches are available to rejuvenate the face. Certain treatments are more minimally invasive. Many patients are confused about the differences in potential outcomes that surgery can achieve compared with Botox, fillers or other treatments. Surgery is used to lift and tighten tissues that are sagging or lax due to ageing and gravity. Botox prevents nerves working. Botox actually blocks the nerve signals from reaching the muscles in the face. Since muscles do not move, wrinkles are smoothed out. Botox is not recommended in my clinic because it can cause an unnatural look in some patients. Fillers consist of different substances which can be injected under the skin to reduce wrinkles. The fillers can last anywhere from two months to four months.

According to me, the most effective way for patients who show signs of facial maturation, like sagging skin, wrinkles or furrows on their face, is with a combination of skin care products, fillers and surgery. In my opinion, if one or more of these prongs is missed, then the results will not be as positive. For patients, it can be hard to decide which surgery is right for them. Some patients look for cheaper and faster treatments that promise a better result. Many of the popular treatments are expensive, and unfortunately, they do not last. To avoid falling into this trap, consult an experienced board certified plastic surgery who does at least 25 facelifts each year.

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