Try this Instead of Magic mushrooms to Reduce Anxiety

Only hippies and teens were brave enough to attempt magic mushrooms. It’s not so anymore.

Two studies have found that magic mushrooms and the psychedelic drug Psilocybin can provide significant benefits for those suffering from anxiety and/or depression. For six months, patients were able to experience relief from their anxiety with one dose. Some were still able to feel anxiety-free four decades later. You can buy shrooms online in this site.

Researchers have found that magic mushrooms help reduce anxiety and depression. This causes neuroplasticity (a brain change). “MRI imaging research has shown that psilocybin alters brain activity. This enables communication between brain regions that normally don’t connect.” This is believed be part of the breakthroughs people report.

Dinah Bazer shares her story in Time Magazine’s December 1, 2016 article about how she took one dose of psilocybin while participating in a study at NYU Langone.

Dinah claimed that she felt scared at first. She felt like she was “tumbling into space.” After being guided by researchers she was calmed and able to see her fear in her body as a black mass. She took control of her body and ordered the removal of the black mass.

After this, she “… experienced love. It felt overwhelming, amazing and wonderful. I felt a deep sense of love for weeks. It still feels like that four years later. My fear and anxiety vanished completely, and they’ve never returned. It completely changed how I thought about living my life. I used to imagine what it would look like if the disease recurred. Now, I do not think that way. I can’t feel well and have thoughts of a potential recurrence in my head. Instead, I think, “Let’s see what happens.”

What goes up must come to an end

While magic mushrooms do have potential benefits, Stephen Ross, NYU’s lead researcher, stated that they can make people feel worse. Although I sympathize with the situation, I would strongly discourage people from doing this.

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