The Metaphysical Perspective of Death and Existence Right After Death Portion 1

Through all ages, humans have seen death as something awful and horrendous. The possibility of our own annihilation and the end of life at an unexpected hour are reasons why humanity sees death as something to fear. When the vast majority of the deceased are found to be suffering in pain or agony, this dread is maintained. The fear of death is actually man’s fear and a bonding to his ignorance. A person may try hard to avoid death through medication or other means. Health care science has not found any way to prolong one’s life, but it does provide a method to alleviate fears and to give solace to those who are still unsure. It’s possible to identify the real mother nature of death. This will free guy from his dependence on his fears and his various superstitions. It is possible to acquire such knowledge dependent on private information. But beliefs that the contrary place an illusory limit on the unfolding of the soul. Alice Bailey, who was producing “A Treatise on White Magic” refers to man’s fear of losing his life. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on

“The mind and will of man is so tiny that it is difficult to imagine how anxiety, terrors, and attachment can create a situation where certainly one of the most positive occurrences in existence cycles of the incarnating Son and God is possible to prevent and delay for as long as you are able.” (1972:494)

As we can see, her statement states that attachment to the type is one of many variables that cause men to fight towards their death. It is possible to mistakenly think that the dissolution in the bodily body leads to the destruction of the Self by identifying with the Self through the physical type. Sri Sankaracharya, a prominent Advaita Vedanta proponent, taught that the false beliefs and thoughts of the truth of kind can lead to bondage with Maya, or Cosmic Illusion. Philosophically, this is the state known as duality. Without the One Truth that underlies dualistic worlds, the man lives in anxiety, as well as slavery. The Serious cannot be destroyed. What is Real can’t even be perceived and known. This is called avidya. To understand the true state is to die. Your consciousness can be expanded and raised to the divine realm when you know what Actuality really is and are able to see death for what is. Bailey ignores the possibility of experiencing the soul-process called “death” within a meditative environment. This is known as “dying in dwelling”, and mystics who are at the top of their game can predict and cause time and system in their actual and mystical deaths. Mystical death gives you the chance to attain the beauty vision, Marifatullah (Islamic gnostics). We will not dwell on the mystical aspect of the paper. Instead, we will focus on what it means to lose your life and die.

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