The Best Method to Illuminate Flag Poles

Few sights are more patriotic or inspiring than a flag flapping in the breeze. There are rules and codes that govern how a flag is displayed While it is allowed to hang a flag from a pole 24 hours a days, there are guidelines for when the flag can be taken down after sunset. A solar flag light is the best solution.

Most government and commercial buildings won’t leave flags hanging in the dark. Instead, they will install powerful lighting to illuminate the flag, if it is not being used around the clock. A lot of homeowners do this too, using ground-mounted light fixtures that point up towards the top of a pole, to light a flag when the sun sets. Although this is a nice way to handle a flag, it does require that electrical wires be run from the exterior and a lighting fixture installed at the flag pole’s base. A timer or other arrangement must be installed by the property owner, business, or home to turn on the lighting fixture each evening. It also means that you will have to pay an ongoing electricity bill.

Many property owners are curious if there is an easier and cheaper way to lighten their flag poles after dark. There are many options for solar lighting thanks to modern technology and “green” movements. You can even find solar lighting fixtures that are specifically designed to illuminate flag poles or other exterior scenes in the evening. Modern solar lighting fixtures will include a solar charging system, LED bulbs, and an automated sensor to turn the fixture on or off at dusk. It is easy for property owners to simply install the light fixture and forget it. LED bulbs are often chosen for their brilliance and durability. They also have a long life span, which is usually around twenty years.

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