Why you should be wary of cheap SEO agency?

Businesses operating in this digitally driven age have realized the importance of SEO and SERP. These businesses either outsource SEO services or have an internal team to undertake this task. But given the dynamics and vastness of SEO, not all businesses are well-versed with the concept of SERP and SEO. Such businesses become easy prey for a so-called SEO agency that promises SEO result at a cheap price under a short span of time. But the truth about SEO is that it doesn’t come cheap or quick. No business can attain high ranking by optimizing its website overnight. The process of SEO takes time and dedication before the results are evident.

The best SEO consultant will tell you that cheap SEO is not at all beneficial for a business’s online health. When it comes to SERP ranking, quality always matters the most.  Although SEO is the most effective way of pushing a brand in front of their target audience, it doesn’t come easy and quick. But there are agencies who claim to offer quick SEO result in cheap. No matter how intimidating the offer sounds, one should be wary of such agencies since a single error and bring the brand image down.

To prove our point, we have here a few reasons why you should keep a distance from SEO agencies that come cheap.

Lack of Basic Tactic

Mastering SEO takes a lot of efforts and persistence. You need to put together engaging content, tons of quality backlinks and a killer SEO strategy. Besides this, you need to have a network of content platforms where you can submit your blogs. But quality content doesn’t come cheap. Low-cost SEO services providers often rely on unpaid content submission platforms which generally doesn’t reap much link juice. Moreover, the content they create is used repeatedly across channels which may result in low SERP ranking or even penalization by search engine sites.

Poor Quality Link Building

Building quality links for a website requires time and efforts. If your SEO provider promises links in a short span of time, be wary, they might be giving you poor links or using them in unauthorized channels.

They have no Strategic SEO Planning in Place:

Often, cheap SEO service providers put forward lucrative promises of delivering quick ranking results. They show they have planned a strategy with every possible SEO tools and tactics but in reality, they do nothing. SEO is a vast domain with several different components. The SEO trick that had worked for business may not work for another. Thus, each business requires a customized SEO strategy to achieve the goal. A cheap SEO company does not offer customized strategic SEO services.

SEO is to Stay Patient

By now, you might have known that SEO is not a onetime thing and requires expertise to reap results. SEO planning and execution demand time, money and a lot of dedication. Since there is no traffic initially, for someone new in the SEO business, the first few months could be frustrating. But businesses should keep in mind that SEO is no magic. And when choosing your SEO partner, be careful not to fail for false promises.…