Reishi Mushroom – A Magical Herb

Nature is the answer to all of mankind’s problems. There are millions of different herbs in the world that have therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Reishi Mushrooms are a wonderful raw material, used for a variety of supplements and tonics. They offer many benefits to their consumers. Ganoderma is its scientific name. It is estimated to contain hundreds of (approx. There are approximately 800 bio-moleculars which have been shown to be beneficial to human health and body functioning. Visit our website and learn more about self transformation.

The ancient Chinese civilization used this herb to boost the health, function, and beauty of their bodies. By supporting digestion, immunity and other processes, the spores on the umbrella that grows from the reishi fungus can keep you healthy.

Reishi Spore Oil Powder is processed.

One kilogram of Reishi Powder is produced by drying 100kg or more of mushrooms. This spores have a thick covering that is impossible to digest by the digestive system. After breaking the hard shell (covering), the bio-molecules are 70 times more potent. This process is a double extraction, first in liquid and later as powder.

Reishi Spore Oil has been deemed the most bioactive substance produced from Reishi mushrooms. To obtain the golden Reishi oil, a sophisticated CO2 extraction is used.

Benefits of using a dietary supplement

Reishi has been a medicine in Eastern Asia for many decades. Many studies have been conducted on its potential uses, and health benefits after realizing the rich biomolecules it contains and its non-harmful characteristics.

The mushroom is rich in peptidoglycans and triterpenoids. To maintain health, these mushrooms are available in concentrated form.

Reishi Mushrooms Increase Immunity. Reishi has been proven to increase white blood cells, lymphocytes and other immune-boosting substances. You can consume it if you are already sick to help fight many illnesses or to remain fit.
Benefits for the mind: Anxiety and depression are common problems in modern life, which can further lead to serious health problems. Reishi can help with fatigue and chronic pain. You can live a more tranquil and dynamic life with improved neurological functions.
High anti-oxidant content helps to balance blood sugar, and circulate cholesterol.
Reishi is a powerful cancer cell killer. It is currently being investigated to see if it can be used in the fight against breast and prostate cancers.

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