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Have you worn the same scent over a period of time? Over time, a person’s perfume preference changes. A person’s preferences for perfumes can change over time as they age. You might want to switch scents. A new year can be a time of change. Try out different scents for a completely fresh look, discover more?

Aromas and food habits

Some perfumes can actually help with weight loss. The results showed that daily wearing banana and green apples, or other scents with fruity notes can lead to a 30lb weight loss. These scents reduce food cravings and decrease appetite.

Some people prefer perfumes with foody scents. When you shop online, you will find that perfume manufacturers of all sizes are doing their best to follow this trend. Some may sound even strange and unique. These include cotton candy and blueberry muffin. Online, you can purchase these perfumes.

Perfumes & Moods

Apart from food habits, scents can influence a person’s mood. Because the olfactory is closely linked with the emotional part of the mind, the smell can play a big role in how a person feels that day. Citrus for instance can be used to improve and regulate the mood since it causes the release of the hormone norepinephrine.

Scents of Ethics

To avoid ethical or legal problems, it is not uncommon for perfumers use animal-derived scents. Musk, for instance, comes from the glands found in male deer. It has become clear how these chemicals can harm animals. They are popular ingredients in the men’s scents. Therefore, producers have found a synthetic way to produce them.

Perfume Tips

The scent can be retained longer if you apply it on top of a lotion. Perfume companies don’t always sell matching lotions. The companies rarely do this and a matching cream is not available for purchase separately. The lotions must also be reapplied on pulse points every three to five hours.

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