Online Making Money Without a Product

If you’re business-minded and determined to succeed, it is possible to make money online. The best thing about the internet is the fact that you don’t need your own product to start an online business. Project Platinum Review & Bonus allows you to choose from many products and services already set up and ready for sale.

Affiliate marketing can help you make money online.

Let’s take an example of affiliate marketing as a way to make money online. Let’s suppose you are interested in health and fitness and decide to make money online selling a weight-loss program. This could be around the beginning of the year, when many people want to lose a few extra pounds.

First, go to an affiliate platform (like ClickBank and JVZoo), where you will search for weight loss products that can be sold. These digital marketplaces allow customers to download the products directly to their computers, so they don’t have to wait for a customer to buy them.

Making Money Online is Easy.

After you have found the right weight loss product, with a catchy sales page and statistical proof that it is selling well, you will receive your unique affiliate link (sometimes known as a hop-link). This URL is your website’s URL, which will track all of your sales back to yourself.

Now, your job is to get potential customers to click on the affiliate link to be taken to the product sales pages. You can do this by placing a banner or pay per click advertisement on a relevant weight loss website, inserting your link in a blog post about weight loss, or emailing your customers with the link.

Affiliate commissions are earned when someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the product. This commission is typically 50-80% of the product’s price.

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