Installing Home Fence

Consider these things before you decide to The Fence Company AZ your new home.

1. What purpose does a fence serve?
2. What are my favorite fence types and styles?
3. What fence type will I need?
4. How much does it cost to buy?
5. Does it allow me to install myself?
6. Most importantly, can I tell you where the boundaries of my land are really?


The following tools are needed: Post hole diggers, long-handled pointed shovels, string lines, measuring tapes (with plastic blades), power saws equipped with cutting blades made of plastic, extension chords, concrete mixing buckets, 4-foot level. Rental of a tripod, level, and safety gloves will keep your fence lines straight as you walk down the slope. For tightening the clamp bolts you will need a screwdriver, however a quality ratchet socket can be very useful.


Fencing including caps, rails & all the appropriate fittings.

Concrete Redi-mix, (bagged)


If you want to stain or paint your wood fence, there are two options: Paint or stain.

Simple temporary braces made from wood scraps.

There are many kinds of fencing on the market including PVC, Aluminum, Wood, Chain Link, Plastic, etc. The fences are the same, but their abilities vary. It is not a good idea to use soft plastic rolls for a pitbull that weighs 150 pounds. For a garden fence, you may want to use soft plastic or chicken wire. This will help you determine what type of fence to choose. Say, for example that we’re putting up a wall to guard an inground pool. This type of application is suitable for a range of fences. These materials include PVC, metal, and chain link. The majority of states have an in-ground fence requirement that is 48 inches high.

PVC fencing has different heights and is durable. Vertical slats are available for fences around pools. PVC fencing can be expensive but it is durable and does not require much maintenance, other than occasional washing. A beautiful fence around your pool can be created by adding decorative features such as locking gates and finials. DIY Self installation? Many handy homeowners will be able to complete this task with little effort and time.

Many different heights and styles are available for wood fence. Panels can reach up to eight feet in length, which means you’ll need some help moving these heavy pieces. To install wood fencing, you will need concrete-set support posts. You can modify the fence by cutting it and then renailing to meet odd shapes.

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