How to Get Rid of Diseases and Sickness in Your Life

It is easy to be sensitive about healing and sickness. All of us are naturally skeptical about alternative ideas and views about health, wellbeing, sickness, and all things related to disease and illness, click here.

I’ve had some feedback about my previous articles. Especially the last one titled, “You’re Not What You Eat. But What You Think.” People commented that my approach simply focused on mind over matter. That I believe that your mind can be used to heal everything and anything. I have to admit that it can be read and interpreted this way from the surface. However, it isn’t. This article was written in an effort to clarify my points and to give more insight into my articles.

As I stated in other articles, my approach believes that illness is not an enemy. It is a friend. It’s simply a matter of perception. When someone sees illness, they will perceive it as a nuisance and a foreign invader trying harm them. The trick is to recognize that perceptions are only subjective.

Since our earliest years, we are taught to consider illness and diseases as something outside of us. I agree with others who are beginning to believe that health and well-being are more about internal factors. This might sound too personal, but I find it very liberating.

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