How to Choose The Best Cladding Materials for Your House

This is perhaps not something you need to think about when we work on your exterior. This is something you should consider, since you’ll be living in the same home for many years. With the many choices available on the market, it’s easy to select the cladding material. More options means more affordable choices. We are able to be creative, without worrying too much about cost. You can get the best guide on CSS Cladding.

If you’re looking for an architect to design your exterior, hire one. Here are some options to choose from for your forever home’s cladding:

Fiber cement- You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the exterior design of your house. This option is very durable and the price reflects that. It can improve the exterior of your home. People love to use this cladding material because they require little effort to install. They are pre-painted so you can have a classic but elegant look for your house.
Bricks – Bricks are most commonly used in the construction process. It is the same brick material used in the construction of your house. To fix it to the inner drywall, the brick and stone slip are attached with a wire net. It is also available in panels. This is the most expensive option, as the bricks required to put the foundation are typically more affordable than the bricks needed for external decoration. They are easy to install and therefore are preferred by architects.
Wood- This classic cladding option can give your house an expensive appearance. This is the most popular use for timber. This option is not the best for many reasons. Why? Because the timber will respond to changing weather conditions. It could lose its colour due to rain or sun. Although the manufacturers claim that it is chemically stable, there can still be slight color changes. It might be beneficial for areas that receive little rain but may not work in other places.
Render – For those who value a smooth, polished finish, render is the wise choice. This cladding can be used to cover other claddings. The color of the render will not fade as it is thickened. It is used in the improvement of the warmth of the home. It is the most common cladding used in Singapore. You need to be skilled in the application of render. The process takes about three working days.

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