Carpet Cleaning Mosman – Understanding color bleeding and the art of Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are an investment that is both culturally and aesthetically pleasing check my blog. They add warmth and beauty to any space due to their vibrant colors and intricate patterns. But these carpets have to be handled with care, and color bleeding occurs if the carpets are not cleaned correctly. Our oriental carpet cleaners in carpet cleaning mosman have a wealth of knowledge and are able to explain and demonstrate color bleeding.

When the dyes in the fibers of a rug are not dyefast, the colors can bleed out or run when the rug is exposed to liquids or cleaning agents. This condition is known by the name color bleeding. This may cause the colors of the rug to bleed together or onto the surrounding areas, which can permanently damage the rug and adjacent furniture or floors.

In order to prevent color bleeding, it is essential that you avoid cleaning oriental rugs. Carpet Cleaning Mosman designed a delicate yet effective oriental rug cleaning method. Our cleaners will apply the safest process possible by first identifying your carpet’s fiber type, color and any damage.

A variety of tools and techniques are used to stop color bleed during cleaning. For example, we employ a pre-cleaning process to stabilize dyes and prevent bleeding. To prevent fibers from getting overly dry or wet, we control the amount of moisture used and closely monitor temperature.

Our oriental carpet cleaners are well-versed in resolving the problem of color bleeding, should it occur. We use a number of processes to remove excess dye. This includes spot treatments, color correction and other methods. We use all the necessary precautions to keep your oriental rugs safe during cleaning.
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