Avoid Buying Moldavites from Certain Locations

If you are wondering where you can buy real moldavite, here’s a hint: Some online markets offer a good supply of The Mystical Powers of Moldavite. You can find faceted or raw moldavites on the internet at very attractive prices. A wide variety of moldavite jewelerly is available. But there is one problem. Most of the moldavites on offer are made of greenglass.

To which markets I’m speaking

Alibaba, AliExpress and DHGate represent the majority of Chinese shops and markets. These websites have a lot of fake moldavites. The illusion of making more money makes it easy for dishonest dealers to fall prey to this lure. They sell these products on other online markets as well as their eshops. They claim that the moldavites really exist.

The stone is available in two forms: as a natural, unpolished stone or as an amorphous and raw stone. The cutting process can create an intensified amount of energy in faceted moldavites. The stone can also be used to create lasers if it’s cut into specific shapes. Again, it depends on your intentions and how you feel the energy of your stone. Whatever shape or type resonates with the you, it’s the best choice for you. You will get exactly what you need. Just like everything, trust your intuition and listen to what you feel. Higher prices don’t denote personal fulfillment.

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