An Olfactory Odyssey: A Charting of the Scented Shores

It is similar to walking into a large, colourful garden. There are scented blooms in the store and mysterious woods that have a fresh appeal. There are so many fragrance categories to explore, it’s easy to wonder “Where am I supposed start?” Do not worry, read this!

Floral Bliss should be your first destination. Extend your thinking beyond daisies, roses, and other flowers. ESNC is a symphony in bloom. This olfactory collection is always changing. From peonies with their soft, feminine charm to orchids exotically enchanting you. If you enjoy a sweet, elegant note like lavender as well as a complex blend like a floral-chypre there is a fragrance for you.

The Fresh & Citron realms await us. The zest of the life will make this your favorite section. Citrus groves in full bloom on a Mediterranean day are a great way to imagine the morning. The harmonious blend of grapefruits and bergamots will give you an immediate boost. It is the olfactory version of a cold splash on a hot summer day.

We discover the Oriental & Hot terrains when we dig deeper. Aromas in this area are intense, rich, and often have a mystique to them. Amber, spices and resins make the perfumes’ scents warm and enveloping. If you’re drawn to stories from the Silk Road, or Arabian Nights in general, then this is the category for you.

Woody & Earthy Alcove is last, but definitely not the least. This scent is the epitome of sophistication and maturity. It’s grounded, connected, and deeply rooted to nature. Each time you wear a scent, you’ll be transported to an enchanted world.

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